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About us

METAVERSE INVESTMENT BENK offers an unique experience in one of the most extraordinary places in Dubai.

After years of experience abroad, the founder mr. Daniel chose this side of Dubai to undertaking and creating luxury and exclusive rooms.

The careful evidence about details, the cosmopolitan atmosphere combined with the preservation of the existing, generate in the guests a feeling of unexpected beauty that will leave them with a pleasant lasting memory.

Trust us, invest in your future, we are the future.


Highlights Places

Burj Khalifa

1,700m | 25 min. Walk

Dubai Opera

1,400m | 19 min. Walk

Dubai Mall

1,500m | 22 min. Walk

Sky Views Observatory

2,000m | 29 min. Walk

Coca-Cola Arena

2,000m | 29 min. Walk

Dubai Downtown

1,100m | 15 min. Walk

Above/Space Disco bar

800m | 8 min. Walk